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30th Mar 2012(Fri)
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 PM 7:00--PM 11:00
FNM Booster Draft

Friday Night Magic

Booster draft format

Entry $10

Prizes depend on attendance.


 Upcoming events
  29th Jul
5pm Warmachine/Hordes
  30th Jul
530pm - Magic Standard tournament
  31st Jul
Magic Commander EDH night
  1st Aug
FNM 7pm Standard Constructed
  2nd Aug
YuGiOh! tournament
  2nd Aug
Magic Modern tournament
  5th Aug
5pm Warmachine/Hordes
  6th Aug
530pm - Magic Standard tournament
  7th Aug
Magic Commander EDH night
  8th Aug
FNM 7pm Booster Draft
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Miniature Games Warlord Players?
7/13/2013 8:34 Maredudd 
Magic: The Gathering m13 when is it legal?
7/5/2012 14:13 MadeOfFail 
Warhammer 40k 40k Space Marines force for sale (half painted salamanders)
6/2/2012 6:10 smokeyjoe 
Warhammer 40k Games
4/4/2012 6:51 GeldJ162 
Roleplaying Games Song of Ice and Fire RPG
4/1/2012 6:41 El_Jefe 
Dungeons & Dragons DnD
3/16/2012 12:34 MadeOfFail 
Warmachine & Hordes Let's start gaming!
3/13/2012 11:12 BuFFo 
Warmachine & Hordes The Crucible - a Warmachine/Hordes Tournament
2/24/2012 9:35 rainman 
World of Darkness oWoD Vampire LARP Opening Soon!!!
2/16/2012 14:23 DanseMorte 
Roleplaying Games looking for 2 players for a home game
11/26/2011 19:17 mrobitsc 



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